Abstracts—Initial devotionals on various verses and topics.
Active 08/12/2020—08/25/2020

3 & 4—”We’ll look at random verses in chronological order through Colossians 3 and 4. I’ll add cf. verses when possible, and add commentary as before. Today will be a break day. Tomorrow begins with Colossians 3:1-2.” (series intro post).
Active 08/25/2020—09/02/2020

Purpose Statement—”One of the texts that gave me the most purpose in my life within the last few months was Philippians, particularly the latter half of the first chapter, verses 12-30. I wanted to walk through that again, and share some of my more raw thoughts about my life and things that might help you. One day around verse 24 will be rather long and potentially dark section of our journey together, but I hope you can find a renewed sense of purpose in your life because of what I bring to you.” (series intro post).
Active 09/02/2020—09/10/2020

Hall of Faith—”The Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith is probably one of the most well known chapters of the Bible. It’s likely cherished by many of you as inspirational. I’m gonna take the next few days to go through each set of characters in the Hall of Faith, and pull put mirror-able qualities of each that can be practically applied to our lives. Buckle up, we’ve got one heck of a ride ahead of us!” (series intro post).
Active 09/10/2020—09/23/2020

Revelation 4 Today—”I think in this time we’re living in it’s important to remember that Revelation is a Living Book. The words brought encouragement and correction to the early church and it continues to do so now. It’s not just a doom-and-gloom of the end of the world. It’s actually a book of hope. 
Let’s explore the corrections and praise given to seven churches whose ways may seem shockingly familiar to those of us living today. This study will take approximately two weeks. I’m not creating an outline because four chapters is a lot to parse from a broad overview. We’ll see where the Spirit leads. I assume each letter will receive one multi-part devotional, plus a few spent on both the intro to the letters and the outro. I promise James is coming next. Enjoy and learn from Revelation 4 Today!” (series intro post).
Active 09/23/2020—10/09/2020

Father of Lights—”Super excited to drop a new series tonight based around James. For right now I’m just gonna commit to chapter one, but if I end up wanting to continue I will.” (series intro post). This ended up being a full James study. It was definitely one of the more eye-opening series I have done, and also the longest.
Active 10/09/2020—01/01/2021

The Modern Slavedriver—”Paul writes to Philemon in this short book, with Philemon’s slave’s wellbeing, Onesimus, in the forefront of his mind.
Twenty five verses. Paul gets to the point with this book, and I’m incredibly excited to share with you why. He has many points about how authority, submission, power, and Christianity all intertwine and how Christianity affects the others. I’m excited to share with you some of the basic social constructs and ethical treatment practices that Paul outlines!” (series intro post).
Active 01/01/2021—01/13/2021

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