Things Above

“If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” – Colossians 3:1-2

All our lives we are told to live well, lead good lives, and be “good.” And, if that wasn’t pressure enough, we often feel the stress of trying to please God every minute of every day. The problem here is twofold—we paint an image of what pleasing Him looks like, and then we proceed to not be able to reach that image. Why? Well, Galatians 5:17 says it might have something to do with our fleshly desires:

“For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh, for these are opposed to each other, to keep you from doing the things you want to do.”

Jesus came to this world to save us from the desires of the flesh (cf. Jn 3:16-17). He made a way (cf. Jn 14:6,15) for us to live His life despite our fleshly nature. However, it is a long and arduous road to perfection, one that you will always strive for but never completely reach, especially if you’re going it alone.

“If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” – 1 John 1:8

So, it’s clear we need God’s help. How do we handle that? When we sin multiple times a day, often the same recurring sin, it can be hard to come to God. We can feel like we’re pestering Him for forgiveness, exploiting Him, using His love.


Remember the story of Adam and Eve? They are from the fruit that the Devil deceived them into eating, the one thing they weren’t supposed to do. With so much freedom and just that one restriction, I’ll bet they felt pretty guilty for doing the one hung they could have done wrong. In fact, they were so ashamed that they made clothes out of the scratchiest leaves they could have possibly chosen to cover their no-no-squares, because they were ASHAMED. They were too ashamed to turn to God, so instead they hid.

The beautiful thing about the story is this—God came searching for them. He hadn’t lost them, of course, He was merely creating a way for us to come back to Him. Read what God does… this is phenomenal.

“But the LORD God called to the man and said to him, ‘Where are you?’”- Genesis 3:9

God assembled the bridge for us to rejoin Him (cf. Jn 14:6). He extends the olive branch, He is on His tip-toes to rescue and save you.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” -1 John 1:9

So, let’s throw off the old self and look to things above. For the next few days we’ll be looking at some of Paul’s ideas regarding such ideals.

I’ve had several followers express struggles in this area so I’ll be hammering home on the encouragement this week.

“But you, O GOD my Lord, deal on my behalf for your name’s sake; because your steadfast love is good, deliver me!
For I am poor and needy, and my heart is stricken within me. … Help me, O LORD my God! Save me according to your steadfast love! Let them know that this is your hand; you, O LORD, have done it! Let them curse, but you will bless! They arise and are put to shame, but your servant will be glad! … With my mouth I will give great thanks to the LORD; I will praise him in the midst of the throng. For he stands at the right hand of the needy one, to save him from those who condemn his soul to death.” – Psalm 109:21-22, 26-28, 30-32

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